Why You Are You
     I take a holistic approach to fitness and advocate that emotional well-being is of equal importance to physical fitness. I have over 20 years of experience in the industry which includes developing health and wellness programs for groups in the legal and medical communities and overseeing the successful development of a yoga studio and facilitating yoga alliance certified teacher training programs.

     True to my philosophy of lifelong learning, I have trained with and continue to train with many of the elders in the yoga and pilates community including but not limited to Sri Ratheeshacharya Manesh, Tim Miller, Larry Schultz, Danny Paradise, David Kyle, Elizabeth Larkam, Marie Bowen, Karen Clippinger, and Larry Hall.

     I am a firm believer of holistic programs offered at various renowned institutions such as Balanced Body University® and Rael Isacowitz's BASI Pilates®. As a former triathlete, I am aware of the many sports related injuries having undergone rehabilitation.

     My professional and personal experiences and blend of strong motivational skills, make me the ideal guide for novices and experts alike. I currently teach Ashtanga Yoga at the Bridgeway Gym. As a commitment to our community, I have established an independent yoga and pilates practice suite on-site to meet your needs including Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, and much more Auxiliary Equipment.

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"If you love life, don’t waste your breath, for breath is what life is made of.

Centering oneself is very important.

The physical or mental exertion one experiences in yoga practice and pilates exercises helps us pace our breathing. Relaxation through breath allows us to effortlessly be the best that we can be...discover why Y-U-R-U self-acceptance is the path to the temple of wisdom.

All resulting actions and movements become one, fluid and seamless.

We can then bow to the divine in oneself and in others."

Broadly stated, breath is the key to life.

We breathe all day, every day.

Like posture, effective breathing is a powerful tool to enhancing mental energy, honing muscle tone, and increasing overall well-being.

Let me help you find your breathing flow through my unique and individually tailored breathology exercises and programs.

Originally developed by Joseph Pilates, my program of Pilates exercises focuses on keeping the body balanced through breath awareness and postural alignment, strengthening deep muscles and healthful living.

In Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, the practice of Ujjayi breathing or “victorious breath” is key. This style of yoga creates an internal energy linking the journey between sequences and poses. A leaner, stronger body and clarity of mind is developed with consistent practice.

Wisdom Coach:
Equal to what you do in life is the spirit you do it in. My Wisdom Coaching services offer a combination of fitness programs, emotional therapy including non-attachment guidance.

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